Cefprozil Manufacturers In India

Are you searching for a performance-driven Cefprozil manufacturer in India? Visit Covalent Laboratories today!

We come with 20-plus years of unmatched experience and insight into the market, offering high-quality APIs in bulk for domestic and international clients based on their needs. With modernisation and better income of Indians, the demand for high-quality drugs has increased considerably over the years. To cope with the market dynamics, we have raised a team of scientists, researchers, and engineers to work tirelessly to ensure we stay ahead of things and deliver quality-driven healthcare solutions for all.

Cefprozil Used For

Cefprozil is used for curing various forms of bacterial infections. This includes diseases such as respiratory tract infections, ear infections, urinary tract infections, and skin infections to name a few. Its dosage depends on the severity of the infection.

We, at Covalent Laboratories, are strong proponents of quality and consistency in all our undertakings. The entire production system we have developed is characterized by strict quality regulation and market adaptability. We also comply with a slew of quality regulations like the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 (2004), and WHO-GMP quality management system. This serves as a testimony to our commitment and expertise as one of the premier cefprozil manufacturers in India.

Our team's tireless efforts to understand and successfully meet our partners' needs has driven our success over the years. Whether it's with prompt delivery, customer care, or high-quality goods, the most renowned cefprozil manufacturers in India are here to serve your needs.

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